My Competencies

A sound knowledge of methodologies, subject matter expertise and experience in using coaching tools are the essentials of a good coach.

That said, these skills combined with self-awareness, self-reflection and learning from one´s own  strengths and weaknesses, during more than 30 years in leadership roles across the globe, are the crucial factors that make me a successful coach.

Empathy, trust and openness are the fundamentals of my business. As a coach, I need to be able to listen carefully, including non-verbal messages. It enables me to create clarity for my clients, ask the right questions and question the status quo when necessary. Critical thinking and “curiosity” helps me in my work and, ultimately, helps my clients to set clear targets and measurements.

My clients appreciate my ability to make them feel understood and empowered to set their individual targets and to plot their path to success. They know – they are not alone – I accompany them and act as their “mirror” throughout the coaching program.