One-on-one coaching

Expansion of leadership potential through one-on-one coaching for leaders and aspiring leaders

Are you getting ready to participate in a Leadership Assessment Center and wanting to ensure your excel? Are you seeking greater insight into your strengths and limitations in order to become a better leader? Have you been recently promoted to a leadership role and require support? As a leader, are you facing unfamiliar tasks and challenges?

As your coach my goal is to help you to succeed. Together, we will evaluate your potential and work on expanding it. We will work on your goals by defining options, eliminating obstacles and measuring your progress.

As a certified business coach (CIP / Center for Integrative Psychotherapy, Munich), I will guide you on your path to success. Methodologies and activities tailored to your needs, coupled with my expertise as a leader, will help you to climb your career ladder.

All coaching activities and discussions are confidential and will not be shared with any third party. Your contract with me can be as an individual or if your company is sponsoring your program, I am happy to conclude an agreement with them.