Team and Group- Coaching

Coaching in Change Management through Team and Group-Coaching

Your organization might be in the middle of a change management project – maybe even related to a Corona business matter- and you want to transition your employees to a new way of working as smoothly as possible?
You have new team members needing to adjust quickly to a new environment in order to perform successfully?
In a changing world, change methods and principles are known and implemented – but yet your team/s struggle to realize individual and/or team benefits?
Your organization is working with teams and groups from various cultural backgrounds and you want to enhance the intercultural working environment to increase performance and success?

In times of a Vuca World (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), the demand for focused team and group coaching has increased.

Although change programs are often implemented in our organizations, the human factor (the essential element for success) is often underestimated in transformation projects. Organizations tend to focus on improving processes and enhancing productivity by eliminating non-value activities. But, this can only happen effectively with the active engagement of people – our employees. Without them no transformation will be completed successfully.

Working together in teams and groups, particularly in difficult situations, requires specific focus and attention. Ideally, the involvement of an independent coach is crucial. The coach helps employees establish common goals, identify clear benefits, discover and eliminate obstacles – ultimately enhancing overall success through the increased engagement of individuals and teams. My experience, gained via working on large transformational projects and in multinational organizations (like process reengineering, digitalization, restructuring, leadership replacements), will be provided to support teams and groups involved in change initiatives in your organizations. I use a blend of proven methodologies and real-world experiences to assist your organization to achieve success by engaging your employees. It is important to create a mindset which is sustainable and not only a one-time achievement.

I have worked extensively with intercultural teams across the globe. This enables me to quickly create a safe and productive working relationship that helps team members identify potential barriers and overcome them.

I would be delighted to support your organization with a coaching program to address your change management needs. To discuss details please contact me.